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You can study by reading or by ear. Online piano/keyboard lessons with Modary Music
feature highly experienced and knowledgeable teachers of piano technique, harmony theory, composition, and musical arrangement. Approach easily with quality sound and camera views.

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Harmony knowledge is best when understood on keyboard and applied to your instrument of choice.

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      Tatiana Grecic


Harmony, Composition & Piano / Keyboard Instructors


          Zach Pendulum


Tatiana Grecic has a Ph.D. in Music and has extensive experience teaching Traditional Piano Technique (Classical to Pop), Theory and Composition. Zach Pendulum teaches Harmony Theory, Composition, Keyboard by Ear, Rhythm and Arrangement, and developed the Modary Map of Harmony.

Multi-Camera Studio




Decades of research has developed a system for revealing and exploring

music harmony. The science of harmony has been discovered at its core.

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A six-minute Video overview of the System.

A short sample Video of interactive play.


T h e   M o d a r y   S y s t e m
T h e   M o d a r y   S y s t e m



Bass notes gravitate viewpoints at which Modes & Moods / Colorful Impressions are perceived.

The Main Spectrum

A mechanical two-dimensional Spectrum can be realized with the Chromatic Dimension perpendicular to the Circle of 5ths. The Modary System's Map of Harmony is based on a theory that 17 unique spectrums inherently exist, and their secret correlation guides our musical psychology for any harmonies that occur.

Explanation of The Modary's Spectrums and their Modes.

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